About Our Law Firm

MDM Law, PLLC is committed to facilitating effective solutions in the bankruptcy space.

Loan Modification

Our clients specialize in the acquisition and servicing of individual and pooled bankruptcy mortgages. We facilitate discussions regarding pre-approved loan modifications between debtor’s counsel and our clients. MDM Law, PLLC utilizes its extensive knowledge and experience to help the debtor remain in his or her home by helping them modify or restructure their existing loan on their home while in bankruptcy.

Consented Sale of Real Estate Asset 

If the debtor is unable to qualify for a loan modification, our clients help the debtor exit gracefully without a foreclosure on their record by facilitating an enhanced short sale of their home. This allows the debtor to re-enter the credit market and become eligible for a new loan in two years. Under this program, the lender is able to acquire the real estate much faster without the necessity or cost of a foreclosure proceeding. This saves property preservation, legal, and other fees related to foreclosure, and it also saves the asset from further deterioration.